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A New Kind of Industry
News headlines describing Technology and Entertainment partnerships greet us every morning. Mergers, joint ventures and co-productions are everywhere. Come be at the center of this revolution and contribute towards driving its and your own success.

A New and Connected Community
In partnership with the leading entertainment and technology stakeholders from both Hollywood and Silicon Valley, the Advanced Imaging Society invites you, your colleagues and friends to join us for a“ meeting of the minds” of this new community of professionals in conversations around adventures in tech and content.

You’ll likely meet new friends, investors, or even find your next job. You’ll see the dazzling work creatives are making with use of amazing new technologies. And you’ll have a blast.

Come meet your future! Register today, space is limited. We will see you there!

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avatar for Michael O'Gorman

Michael O'Gorman

Distinguished Engineer
San Jose, California
Mike O’Gorman is a Distinguished Engineer in Cisco Systems, leading a team of 30+ software developers in the Chief Technology and Architecture Office. This team is tasked with designing, prototyping and building the next generation of network and data center orchestration and automation solutions leveraging the latest advances in cloud and virtualization technologies. Mike and his team work closely with customers, technology partners, open source communities and internally with product management and engineering teams to identify technologies beyond the tip of the spear that can be leveraged into Cisco products and solutions.

Most recently this team has been focused on working with the media and broadcast industry to apply some of the technologies developed for the Networking industry to the transition from SDI to IP that is going on in the broadcast world today.

Mike is also involved in other projects around how to create immersive collaboration environments to change the way teams interact with each other and interact with large data sets. This work involves exploring how technologies like VR and AR can be applied to help solve these problems.